Fishing in Rodrigues Island

Do you want to catch gigantic species that will surely blow your mind away? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely head to the breathtaking island of Rodrigues. With its paradise-like scenery, this tiny island will mesmerise you with the different adventures it offers.



Since the opening of  Big Game Fishing Center in Rodrigues -Indian Ocean- in March 2005,  fishing trips have quite much evolved. Adapting  to  international customers' demand, especially for MEGA TRIPS.
Here, far away from everything, Rod Fishing Club perfectly answers to these fishing enthusiasts' ambitions, for those "extraordinary moments". They offer more than a fishing trip;  a fishing adventure up to 10 or 11 days.

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They offer:

  •   8 different outings: a 10 hour trip around Rodrigues, 5 trips on the Eastern Bank -50 miles off- between 34 hours and 82 hours, and 2 trips of 65 hours and 89 hours on the Hawkins Bank, situated 85 Western to Rodrigues. Coupling both banks, 89 hours on the Hawkins and 82 hours on the East with 2 days off, in between, represents 11 days on the spot with 7 nights aboard. These long expeditions clearly enable to optimize the fishing time.
  •   A securing boat: Black Marlin is very stable with its 28 tons largely split along its 50 feet length and 4.75 meters width. It is very well adapted to welcome comfortably up to 8 people (5 anglers and 3 crew members). This incredible “fishing machine” has been specially designed to answer the sport fishing requirements in Rodrigues. 


  •  A very friendly and professional crew with 3 bilingual members (French and English), able to follow on several long trips. Moreover, as the Skipper and General Manager of the Company, life aboard is always friendly, especially if the outings are long and shared with people who have different personalities.
  • 7 world records with 4 different techniques (including 2 women records between 11 and 16 years old) perfectly illustrate that fishing in Rodrigues aboard Black Marlin is not only a men business.

Photo: Rod Fishing Club


Fishing Areas
For sport fishing in the Indian Ocean and particularly in the Rodriguan waters, the season is taken into consideration when you book your fishing trip, even if fish are present all year around Rodrigues, making it a "multi-fisheries" destination "par excellence"

The season starts from September 20 for areas surrounding the island, depending on weather conditions.

For example the West Bench "Jiggers'land", distant 100 nautical miles from the island, the fishing season extends from October to May, depending on weather conditions and due to the geographical remoteness of the area.

The hurricane season affects the months of January and February. Fortunately, no cyclone in Rodrigues for the last 10 years. This period is where the waters are warmer, about 30ºC. 

The island is Rodrigues Island Records and a true destination « multi-fisheries » : it is surrounded by an ocean to be difficult and sometimes stormy weather. It is often said that it is better to have "sea legs".

This is to avert these characteristics that I built L'oiseau des îles II, stable and functional, fishing remains a pleasure even when Mother Nature is fickle.

Also keep in mind one important thing: where the sea is too easy, fishing has become very hard. The potential of Rodrigues has been proven, simply put in place all the material for that.

Dozens of different species of fish inhabit the waters of Rodrigues, beautiful and colourful, they all have in common to be more fighting.


Source: Rod Fishing club

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